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We're a passionate group of students from Texas that works hard to achieve great things with our club. Our success depends on the support of our friends, family, and community. We rely very heavily on our community for support to be able to attend the state tournament as well as the National Tournament (this year in Ft. Lauderdale, FL). Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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  • Ryan Hennessey
  • Ryan Hennessey
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  • NSDA Nationals - Ft. Lauderdale

    Hey all! We have qualified 9 students for the NSDA National Tournament! We qualified 2 PF teams (Team Schmaynon and Team Brandy) an LDer (Nate), a World School Debater (Wade), a Congressional Debater (Audrey), and Info (Maryam) and an Oratory (Hanaa). The costs are about 3000 for flights, 2000 for hotel and about 2000 for entry fees. Please help send us to Nationals. Any amount helps!!!


    Hey, folks! We have qualified 5 students for the National Tournament in Birmingham, AL. Please help us raise money for Plane Tickets: $1500; Hotel: $1500; Rental Car: $500; and Registration: $2000. We could use all the help we can get!

  • Fundraising for the TOC

    We are the first team in the History of our school to outright qualify for the TOC (Tournament of Champions). This is the most prestigious tournament in the country! We are raising money for airfare and hotel! Thanks for your support!

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  • Lisa Galang donated "Best of luck to a wonderful group of individuals! Thanks RH, for all you do for these kids :)"
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  • Yongmei Hua donated "Best Luck at the national tournament!"
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    $250 First Funds Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $250 through the First Funds Power Grant™.

    Help us grab the next grant: $50 for 50 donors. Share this link with friends and family today. https://klein-high.ed.co/klein-speech-debate

  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Colin Malinak donated "We'll see you there! Happy to help such an incredible coach and team!! " - via Ryan Hennessey
  • Edco donated "We’re so excited to help you fundraise this season that we’re chipping in the first $25! You got this! :) - Leslie from Edco"
  • Klein High School has started online fundraising!

    Our team has officially started accepting credit card donations. We need awesome team members and donors like you to share this link and tell your community why you support Klein High School Klein Speech &Debate!


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